Frequently asked pool questions


What if I have a small backyard?

This is a very common concern among many homeowners, you are not alone! Having a small backyard does not mean you cannot enjoy a fantastic pool. You may even want to consider a Spool, a combination of a spa and pool. A great pool builder can accommodate these shortfalls with innovative designs that can make your backyard more enjoyable than ever before.

How long does the entire process take?

Building a pool takes roughly about 30 business days which equates to about 6 weeks (weather permitting). A couple of things have to happen before excavation begins, such as:

  • Financing (if applicable)
  • HOA (Home Owners Association)
  • Locating utilities
  • Acquiring permits for city and/or county level

How much time does it take to maintain a swimming pool?

Realistically a well build pool will only require half an hour a week to maintain or a few minutes a day. With technology now on our side, what was once a time consuming task, is now very simple. With automatic pool cleaners and chlorine generators, and improved filter systems, maintaining a pool is quick and easy.

What kind of damage should I expect to see in my yard?

Building a pool is major undertaking that requires total commitment. We do the best we can to minimize damage, but you must be prepared for reality. Machinery such as excavators and bobcats will be in and out of your yard during the excavation process. The weather conditions will play a key factor as well.

What if I don't know which pool design is right for me?

No worries! We have a great selection of pre-designed pools you can choose or gain inspiration from.

Great, show me!